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Longtom Gems Company

Longtom gems company is a renowned world leader in the field of high-quality gemstone manufacture which is widely known for our advanced technology, good service and innovative unique designs. Our company was established in 1990 and has three factories in China. They are in Guangxi province, Guangdong Province and Hei Longjiang Province. We have two unique brands which are “AMOUR” and “MCG”. “AMOUR” is a high-quality synthetic stone brand. “MCG” is the precision size semi-precious stone brand. We are good at cutting 0.90mm-30.0mm gemstones of many kinds of materials, sizes, and shapes. During production, we will use precision auto-machine, and standard production process to make every stone in perfect facets and excellent luster. Our CUPS standards mean consistent height, uniform table, precision size, and symmetry shape. It is suitable for all setting methods, which can effectively save setting time, and improve factory efficiency and product quality. We improve the technology, create new cutting, and focus on every detail with our hearts. We believe that the most top-cutting craft should be dedicated to the most discerning buyers.

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Participating Exhibitions

HONG KONG Exhibition 2019

Jewelry & Gem WORLD will temporarily relocate from Singapore to Hong Kong in September to host Asia's largest and most important B2B sourcing event of the year. This is a unique arrangement that only is available in 2019.


HONG KONG Exhibition 2018

The most important show for Gemstone and Jewelry dealers in today's market. We have a very important booth in this show and since we were the first few companies to take part in this show, for sure take part in both the March and the September HK show.


HONG KONG Exhibition 2017

Hong Kong, the world’s premier trading hub for jewelry, is a free port where there are no duties or restrictions imposed on precious jewelry products or related materials. It can also let traders worldwide venture out to the booming market of whole Asia.