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  • Lab Growth Emerald
  • Lab Growth Emerald
  • Lab Growth Emerald
  • Lab Growth Emerald
  • Lab Growth Emerald
  • Lab Grown Emerald

    • Color: Zambian Color, Colombia Color
    • Shape: Oval, Round, Octagon, Rectangle, Cushion, Pear, Heart, Marquise, Square
    • Hydrothermal growth of emerald, is natural emerald crushed material as raw material, in the laboratory to simulate the physical and chemical conditions of the growth of natural emerald recrystallization, at the same time to add some necessary elements, with the same chemical composition and physical characteristics of natural emerald.
      1. Natural emeralds are crystallized and grown in hot solution at a certain depth underground
      2. Hydrothermal emerald is crystallized and grown in a certain constant temperature and constant pressure solution environment in the laboratory

      The lab-grown emeralds have two colors, a vibrant Colombian emerald and a deep, steady Zambian emerald,which really restore the inclusion and internal crack of natural emerald.

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    Cutting is a technique that determines a gemstone's finished appearance, size, and shape.

    High-Quality Automatic Machine Cutting Gemstone

    To ensure that every aspect of AMOUR is perfectly presented, we use the highest quality zircon raw materials, cutting-edge turning technology, and standardized production procedures.


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