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  • White Color Oval Moissanite Stone

    The chemical material of Moissanite is SiC. Moissanite has a diamond-like appearance, a high refractive index, excellent brightness and fire color. At the same time, Mossstone has a hardness of 9.25 Mohs, only less than diamond 10, higher than other gemstones, high hardness makes it resistant to scratching and cracking, can keep forever. Because of its beauty and affordable price, Moissanite has become a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry. It is a durable gemstone that can be used in a variety of sets and styles.

    • D color grade
      Excellent cutting
      GRA certificate
    • Shape: Marquise, Round, Rectangle, Octagon, Cushion, Pear, Heart, Oval

    Product Details

    Easy One-Stop Purchasing Moissanite

    No matter what shape and grade of Moissanite you want, we can manufacture it thanks to our rich experience with gemstone cutters. In particular, we have advanced production equipment and many skilled gem engineers, which can guarantee fast delivery under quality.

    Complete gem shape and weight.

    Culet is Intact

    Preferential price.

    Safe payment.

    OEM & ODM

    gemstone certified

    High-Quality Automatic Machine Cutting Gemstone

    To ensure that every aspect of AMOUR is perfectly presented, we use the highest quality zircon raw materials, cutting-edge turning technology, and standardized production procedures.

    Cutting Drawing

    Cutting is a technique that determines a gemstone's finished appearance, size, and shape.


    Amour is a premium gemstone brand that provides bulk customization and wholesale services for customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.

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