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  • Rhodolite
  • Rhodolite
  • Rhodolite
  • Rhodolite

    • Main chemical composition: Silicon dioxide (SiO2), in addition to some chromium, manganese, copper, iron plasma, and cause refraction to produce a variety of colors
    • Refractive index: 1.544-1.553
    • Hardness: 7Mohs
    • Melting point: 1713℃, easily broken by heat
    • Orignal: India, Brizil, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, USA, Africa
    • Rhodolite garnet is related to the garnet family, The color can be rose pink, purplish-pink,
      raspberry-red, or purplish-red. It is the most popular and marketable garnet gemstone. 

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